It is true... you can make money without having to spend money!

​Let me show you
5 Proven Online Business Models
That Finally Show You How to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime Out of Your Own Pocket Guaranteed!

100% Newbie Friendly

  • Tired of buying Internet Marketing courses that promise a lot but deliver very little?
  • Frustrated because you're in a dire financial situation but still would love to start your online business without having to invest thousands dollars before even seeing a profit?
  • Isn't it ANNOYING that every time you find an interesting online system they just end up asking you to buy more and more stuff and pushing you to GET ALL IN, even BEFORE you've turned any kind of profit?
  • You've tried other systems but after a couple of months discover that you are just paying monthly fees but not getting the RESULTS you were promised?

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

My name is Hermann Bock and not so long ago, I also was a complete beginner. Even though I had already seen irrefutable proof that Internet Marketing worked, I didn't know exactly...


I would constantly see how OTHERS where making piles of money even in their sleep.​

So, I started looking for some kind of SYSTEMATIC TRAINING that would teach me the ropes of this Internet Marketing thing that everybody was talking about.

The PROBLEM was that, as soon as I signed up, they started pitching me more stuff that I needed to actually make money. The BASIC TRAINING was apparently not enough and I would have to invest more monthly, sometimes in the thousands BEFORE I could make any money back.

I mean, if you have some savings, GREAT! You can and actually should invest in positioning yourself for BIGGER PROFITS.

However, lots of people turn to the internet and online marketing when they find themselves in dire financial circumstances and it's my opinion that being asked to then spend thousands of dollars, WITHOUT knowing exactly what it is about, or even if they will have a chance of succeeding, is kind of irresponsible.

That's why I'm giving you this BLUEPRINT to LEARN THE ROPES and TEST YOURSELF so you can find out whether or not you've got what it takes to make it online without having to spend a FORTUNE trying to find out.

We all know that we live in tough times right now. A thing like having a so called "SECURE JOB" is a thing of the past. These are times where you may have constant difficulties paying your more basic monthly bills, and you may be struggling with high credit card payments, or are having a hard time just staying afloat financially.

Like most people you might be living from check to check.​

The problem is that after looking at different options to make money online, you've discovered, just like I did, that it can end up being VERY EXPENSIVE for those just starting out with INTERNET MARKETING, if you don't know exactly where to look and what to do.

As soon as you buy into somebody's "Money Making System", they want you to "GET ALL IN", which in reality means you are asked to dish out a couple of thousands of dollars BEFORE you even understand WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT and ON TOP of whatever you have just paid.


"You Can Make Money Online Without Any Out Of Pocket Expenses"

Would you be willing to put in some TIME and EFFORT if you knew you could really make some money for your efforts?

Are you someone that can honestly say that you have a strong WILL and DESIRE to succeed?

Are you willing to try this like a BUSINESS even though you will not be investing thousands of dollars?​

Are you someone that can follow a simple STEP-BY-STEP plan if it is laid out in a plain and easy to follow way?

IF YES...​

Then you have what it takes to succeed with our totally brand new step-by-step no cost blueprint!

Don't get me wrong. There is no FREE LUNCH in life. You either PAY TOP DOLLAR or are willing to PUT IN THE TIME and EFFORT necessary to make your business profitable. ​

Special Note: We realized that money was unfortunately an issue that was holding people back from actually getting started, so we got the rights to a system that teaches you Five Complete Online Business Models that require absolutely NO INVESTMENT. We take you from market research to setting up five different profit streams, all for no cost!

"These Step-By-Step Blueprint Shows You How Right Before Your Eyes..."

Once we mastered this system, we wanted to make sure we presented the materials in an easy to follow formula, so you can actually follow along. We have compiled a complete and powerful Blueprint (A set of over 80 PDF documents) that shows you every step of the way how to be wildly successful online without having to invest anything at all!

This powerful
Blueprint PDF
training course will teach you 5 separate
No Cost Business Models!

    Business Model #1: No Cost Product Launches

    • Create your own product and launch it with no cash needed upfront
    • Start your digital product empire and get affiliates promoting it for you!
    • This NO COST product launch method has never been taught anywhere!
    • Discover how to write sales copy that makes people want to buy your product!

    Business Model #2: No Cost Freelancing

  • Generate cash on demand and launch your own freelance career with no cash needed
  • Discover a unique twist to micro job sites that will change your perspective and line your wallet with cash
  • Use these no cost methods for fast cash as well!

Business Model #3: No Cost Video Marketing

  • Use our tried and true video marketing business model to easily create videos that send buyers to your affiliate links or subscribers to your list
  • This video marketing business model is so simple you won't believe you haven't done it before

Business Model #4: No Cost List Building

  • YES, you can build your email list for free using our SECRET system!
  • Convert that list building success into a full time, job crushing income
  • If you've researched online marketing I'm sure you've heard that the "Money is in the List"

Business Model #5: No Cost Affiliate Marketing

  • Use our solutions to find the perfect products to promote as an affiliate
  • Learn the FREE powerful web editor we use to create hot looking affiliate sites in minutes!
  • These free affiliate sites are mobile friendly as well, so they work great across all phones and devices!

And ON TOP OF EVERYTHING we'll give you:
"No Cost Traffic Methods"

  • Unleash 16 tried and proven FREE TRAFFIC METHODS in your business to see real results
  • Leverage our winning keyword research formula to ramp up any of these 5 no cost business models


Now is YOUR time to start succeeding online.
This Blueprint was designed to give you a step-by-step, real, actionable strategy you need to profit online without having to risk a penny.

It does NOT matter if you...

...don't have your own product

...don't have a website

...are not famous or don't have name recognition

...don't have joint venture partners

...don't have a selected niche

...don't have extra money to invest

And even if you're an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, you can succeed with this incredibly simple and proven system.


"Crushing It For FREE"

Here is a hint of what you'll uncover in this encyclopedic PDF Training...

  • 5 Proven Online Business Models: All of these business models you can start from scratch with absolutely no need to invest anything
  • Dependable FREE methods: We'll show you which tools you can use that cost nothing to implement, but that can help you launch a profitable online venture
  • Simple, step-by-step PDFs: These over 80 PDF training will unlock the keys to your online success
  • Hot Niche Selection: Discover the secrets techniques experts use to hone in on hot niche markets that are loaded with buyers
  • Affiliate Marketing: A straightforward method to setup and run an entire profitable affiliate marketing campaign from start to finish WITHOUT having to spend any money out of pocket
  • Digital Promotion: Learn how to promote digital or in demand physical products from the web's top and respected online sellers
  • Easy to follow training: We made sure to create a training that is simple, dependable and step-by-step
  • Content Creation: Learn to create solid content, which can be repurposed in various formats for massive exposure and traffic
  • Hands-on Traffic Generation: Gain hands-on traffic generation experience as you learn to implement 16 effective no cost traffic methods
  • Free Autoresponder: Learn about a completely FREE and super reliable autoresponder system that has thousands of users and a deliverability on par with the top paid autoresponders on the market. This tip alone will save you 100s of dollars as you start your online venture
  • Become Independent from Google: A lot of very good business opportunities over the years have been super dependent on Google. Here you'll learn about multiple sources of traffic so you aren't relying completely on one thing to get your traffic.
  • Scale Your Business: You'll learn how to scale each business model to full time income

"So, what is the bottom line?"

When you make the commitment to yourself to succeed today, you'll be provided with everything mentioned above...

The entire Blueprint, which includes over 80 PDF files that teaches 5 complete online business models that can be started for no money upfront.

All for the low ONE TIME investment of only $17.

That's right, this complete system, the same STEP-BY-STEP methods we use to teach high paying clients about how to pull cash out of thin air...

It's all yours for just $17 when you take action TODAY.

30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, you have a full 30 days to see for yourself just how powerful a system this really is. I'm so confident that you'll succeed with this program and that you'll acquire so much new and practical knowledge, that I've removed any risk from your side of the equation.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, just contact me and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Wait! There Is Even More...

Special BONUS when you buy TODAY!

These bonuses have content that is specifically designed to help get even more FREE TRAFFIC for your business. I've also include a couple that will help you with the mindset side of things. All so that you can successfully start making money online once and for all.

The Twitter Blueprint

  • Why is Twitter an effective Free Marketing Tool?
  • How to get followers
  • Twitter etiquette
  • Writing Eye-Catching & Interesting Tweets
  • Twitter Plugins
  • Making Money with Twitter
  • ...and more!!!

Traffic Heist

  • Viral Marketing
  • Free Traffic Strategies
  • Article Marketing Traffic
  • Forum Marketing Strategies
  • Using Blogs to generate Traffic

Social Cash Secrets

  • The Best Social Platforms for Marketing
  • Using the instant access to your target audience, and the ability to keep a steady pulse on what your market is currently interested in to YOUR advantage
  • The TOP social networking sites where you can build an online presence quickly and easily

Easy Productivity Secrets

  • Discover WHY most people struggle to stay productive
  • How to IGNITE your motivational spark
  • Setting up your perfect work environment
  • 8 Tips that will skyrocket your productivity THROUGH THE ROOF of your Home Business
  • Cool software tools that increase your productivity

Autopilot Wealth

  • How YOUR BRAIN thinks and what makes it tick
  • The SECRET of thinking BIG!
  • How your standpoint determines your ATTITUDE

Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

  • 70 powerful tips to help YOU release your inner ENTREPRENEUR. Just read and implement one of these tips and you'll move a step closer to success
  • How to plan your way to SUCCESS
  • Sales and advertising methods that you can use to capture your audience, attract more costumers and make more sales
  • How to manage your sales like an entrepreneur
  • Is your business stuck? This section shares 6 MUST HAVE METHODS to grow your business, no matter what stage you're at
  • How to reduce costs and expenses in your business so you can increase your profits

"So, make up your mind now!"

This would be a commitment to YOURSELF to succeed today, you'll get everything mentioned above... the entire BLUEPRINT... which includes 5 BUSINESS MODELS you can start for free TODAY.

On top of that, you get the great BONUSES listed - You would only require your OWN COMMITMENT to succeed.

And all for a low ONE TIME investment of $17.

That's right, this complete training containing the same step-by-step methods we use to teach high paying clients about how to pull cash out of thin air...

It's all yours for just $17 when you take action TODAY.

30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, you have a full 30 days to see for yourself just how powerful a system this really is. I'm so confident that you'll succeed with this program and that you'll acquire so much new and practical knowledge, that I've removed any risk from your side of the equation.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, just contact me and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.